Research Objectives

  • Develop new methods of coral reef restoration

  • Develop and practice aqua-farming of various coral species.

  • Conduct a long term epigenetic study on Elkhorn & Staghorn coral

  • Develop easier methods for micro fragmentation for coral transplants

  • Develop specialized equipment which aid in aqua-farming of corals and transplant from incubators into the open sea.

Inky 1

The SIMRC will be the proving ground for our first generation coral incubator known as Inky™ (patent pending). Below is a video of how Inky™ was designed to mimic the natural flow of the ocean using computer controlled underwater fans. Once fully refined, Inky™ will be available for use on other restoration projects with best practices developed in Tobago.


Testing Inky 1 before shipping to Tobago from Maine.